Andrew Carr
Andrew Carr

OpenXposure opened its doors in 1990 as Creative Signs. Andrew Carr, founder member and owner of OpenXposure, has this to say about the early days:

“We were the first company to receive the necessary approvals for erecting billboards at Schools and NGOs. Back in the early ’90s, we stood out in the industry as we were also the first company to realise the value of the 3 X 6 metre advertising format, which up to that time, was only used in rural and railway landscapes.”

Our first billboard was installed at Bellpark Primary School in 1992

During the past 20 years, OpenXposure has built up a portfolio of more than 90 advertising spaces on billboards ranging from 3 X 6 metre (18m³) tri-visions to wall-mounted supersites of 4 X 16 metres (64m³). Valuable relationships have been established with sites, mostly community-based institutions such as schools and sports fields, which benefit from the income generated from advertising.

Apart from the established media holding, OpenXposure also developed a unique product in 1999, called the RotaCan®. The RotaCan® is unique in that it is a 360° circular tri-vision display.

OpenXposure gets involved in special projects on request, such as the manufacture, supply, installation and maintenance of tri-vision billboards at Newlands in Cape Town, Loftus Versfeld in Pretoria and Kings Park Stadium in Durban.

OpenXposure is a member of OHMSA (Out of Home Media Association of South Africa) and Andrew Carr is a former Regional Chairperson for the organisation.