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Victoria Road, Plumstead – Morning peak-hour

This billboard faces slow-moving morning peak-hour traffic on the main arterial link between the M5 and Main Road, where traffic meets at a T-junction taking them left towards Tokai, or right towards Wynberg. This is a busy road that crosses the railway bridge. The billboard is viewed at eye-level by still-standing morning peak-hour traffic.

Audience / Demographic

  • Main thoroughfare for all income groups, en route from the M5 in a westerly direction to the M4 and the Southern Suburbs.
  • The route is frequented by business people commuting to and from work.
Specifications for site reference: 122896
Size 3m high x 6m wide
Structure Lightbox
Illumination Internal
GPS -34.024160S, 18.469663E
Traffic Count
Single lane carriageway in a 60 km per hour zone between traffic lights.
Traffic count in excess of 30 000 vehicles one-way per day.
LSM 4 – 8
Rate R28 000- per month excluding VAT
Additional Costs Rate includes production and flighting cost of artwork.