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Vissershok Road, Durbanville – Travelling from Durbanville CBD – Busy during peak-hours

This billboard is visible to traffic leaving the Durbanville CBD on the left hand side of Vissershok Road heading towards Malmesbury and Table View. The route is frequented by inhabitants of Durbanville en route to the greater Table View area. There is increased traffic flow during school hours as well as during peak hours. There is mid- to high LSM exposure.

This site is viewed by morning and afternoon peak-hour traffic travelling on Vissershok Road, travelling from the Durbanville CBD. The traffic is slow-moving, with increased traffic volumes in the mornings and afternoons from 16:00 – 19:00.

Audience / Demographic

  • Mid to high income residential owners living in Durbanville.
  • The route is frequented by businessmen as well as housewives between shops, schools, entertainment and home.
  • This is a prominent thoroughfare used by inhabitants of the Skoongesig residential areas and the N7.
Specifications for site reference: 159531
Size 3m high x 6m wide
Structure Lightbox
Illumination Internal
GPS -33.830002S 18.642255E
Traffic Count
Single lane carriageway in a 60 km per hour zone.
Traffic count in excess of 30 000 vehicles one-way per day.
LSM 6 – 10
Rate R28 000- per month excluding VAT
Additional Costs Rate includes production and flighting cost of artwork.