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Durban Road, Durbanville – towards the N1 Highway – Morning peak-hour; all day

The billboard is viewed by traffic on Durban Road travelling from Durbanville, heading towards the N1 Highway and Tygervalley, as it exits the Durbanville CBD at the point where Durbanville Main Road becomes Durban Road. It is at the intersection of Durban Road and Church Street, opposite the Palm Grove Centre.

This the main feeder route linking Durbanville to the N1 and Tygervalley Shopping Node.

Audience / Demographic

  • Durbanville is one of the high LSM areas.
  • The billboard is situated on the Primary School’s premises.
  • A high percentage of viewing will be by Durbanville residents heading towards the N1 Highway.
  • An important viewing audience will be commuters between the Durbanville CBD, residential and commercial areas, including employees, employers, business owners and shoppers.
Specifications for site reference: Durbanville Primary
Size 3m high x 6m wide
Structure Static
Illumination None
GPS -33.834606S 18.648295E
Traffic Count
Double Lane Carriageway in a 60 km per hour zone between traffic lights.
Traffic count in excess of 30 000 vehicles one-way per day.
LSM 4 – 10
Rate R28 000- per month excluding VAT
Additional Costs Rate includes production and flighting cost of artwork.