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M5 Highway, Kenilworth – Afternoon peak-hour

This board faces the traffic on the M5 Highway coming from the N2 Highway and Cape Town, as the traffic approaches the turn-off onto Kenilworth Bridge, leading to the Kenilworth Shopping Centre and Access Park.

The route is frequented by inhabitants of the greater Southern Suburbs including Kenilworth, Newlands, Claremont and the surrounds.

Afternoon traffic flow is still-standing to slow-moving with an average speed of 80km per hour due to a permanent speed trapping camera in vicinity.The M5 Highway is busy all hours that has increased traffic volumes in the afternoons from 16:00 – 18:00.

It is the main feeder road from the N2 Highway, running through the centre of the Southern Suburbs.

Audience / Demographic

  • The audience is mixed due to the location on the M5 Highway.
  • The board is in close proximity to the shopping nodes of Access Park and Kenilworth Shopping Centre as well as various business parks and areas of light to heavy industry.
  • Road users will be a mix of business owners, employees and employers living in the Southern Suburbs and in the upmarket areas of Athlone. The route also frequented by housewives and students who travel between shops, educational institutions, entertainment and home.
Specifications for site reference: Batavia
Size 3m high x 6m wide
Structure Static
Illumination External
GPS -33.981873S 18.490419E
Traffic Count
Double lane carriageway in an 80 km per hour zone leading up to the busy exit onto Racecourse Road, which slows traffic down to a stand-still during peak hours.
Traffic count in excess of 50 000 vehicles one-way per day.
LSM 5 – 10
Rate R28 000- per month excluding VAT
Additional Costs Rate includes production and flighting cost of artwork.